Cast Down

by Cast Down

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released March 27, 2016

Music and lyrics written by Cast Down
Recorded, mixed and mastered by Cast Down
Artwork by Nicholas Vidler



all rights reserved


Cast Down Melbourne, Australia

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Track Name: Desolation
The same thoughts, the same reasons,
They come back to me in convoluted feelings.
I'm trapped here, I'm stuck,
Because I'm still weighed down by those who promised me love.

I could beg, and I could plead,
Judged by all, broken reality.
Sew my mouth, steal my heart,
Tear my pride apart.

I admit it,
I'm just a grief stricken hypocrite.
And I'm aware that the root of all my problems lie with me.

I desecrated the pages,
Ruined with ink, from forcing out useless rhetoric.
I've bitten my tongue, I've wasted my time,
Kept all that poor advice in the back of my mind.

My failures define me.

Submerged in smoke,
Surrender to the flames.
There's no hope left,
I cannot be saved.

This is my desolation.

My bones are just burdens to me,
Decaying structures of agony.

I created my hurt,
I created my pain.
Track Name: Rodent
I don't mean to be selfish,
I'm just scared.
Scared of a world that's full of hatred,
Scared of a world that's full of distrust.

The soil is calling,
It screams my name.
My home for eternal sleep,
Pray it finds peace with me.

It's been like this my whole life,
The longest joke ever told.
From the cradle to the casket,
Betrayed by the hopes of a better tomorrow.

When all that's left are memories,
We all die alone.
Track Name: Shed My Skin
Ignore everything I've ever said,
It was unnecessary, I apologise.
It's nothing personal,
But don't ever think the rats in my throat aren't replaceable.

Shed my skin,
I'll just replace myself.
Don't say a single word,
It all means nothing.

I'm not fit to console anyone,
So I'll take it out on those who ask for help.